Japan's alert system against North Korea malfunctions - 6分前  UPI.com

Japan's emergency alert system, capable of transmitting urgent messages nationwide during a potential North Korea missile attack, is not functioning properly.

成田空港第2ターミナルに「ラオックス」「盆栽京都」が8月25日オープン - 9分前  トラベルメディア

成田国際空港第2ターミナルに、「ラオックス」と「盆栽京都(BONSAI KYOTO)」が8月25日にオープンする。 「ラオックス」は、第2...more

Which Streaming Services Have The Best Family Plans? - 11分前  Forbes

Which streaming music platform is best for you and your family? Here's a rundown of what every company offers and for what price.

别被数据忽悠了 房价的秘密都藏在这里 - 12分前  新浪微博

  原标题:别被数据忽悠了,原来房价的秘密都藏在这里   房价牵动着每一个的心,稍有变动就会引起极大的关注。   8月18日,国家统计局发布了7月70个大中城市住宅销售价格变动情况,数据显示,北京、上海、深圳环比分别下跌0.1%、持平、跌0.2%。   另外,7月全国有56座城市....

IDG Contributor Network: Orchestration tools enable companies to fully exploit Linux container technology - 14分前  InfoWorld

Companies that need to deliver applications quickly and efficiently — and today, what company doesn’t need to do this?— are turning to Linux containers. What they are also finding is that once they get past the “let’s see how these container things work” stage, they are going to end up with a lot of containers running in a lot of different places.Linux container technology is not new, but it has increased in popularity due to factors including the innovative packaging format (now Open Container Initiative (OCI) format) originally invented by Docker, as well as the competitive requirement for c...more

重要文件下发 楼市“多米诺骨牌”或将被推倒 - 16分前  新浪微博

  原标题:刚刚,重要文件下发!楼市“多米诺骨牌”或将被推倒。。。   近日,国务院办公厅转发国家发展改革委、商务部、人民银行、外交部《关于进一步引导和规范境外投资方向的指导意见》(以下简称《意见》),部署加强对境外投资的宏观指导,引导和规范境外投资方向,推动....

ブレーキ壊れた? 人力で停めればいいじゃない - 18分前  Narinari.com


香港「雨傘運動」主導者3人に有罪判決、禁錮6~8か月 - 22分前  TBS News-i


Is Netflix's 'The Defenders' Any Good? Here's What The Reviews Say - 23分前  Digg

This black-and-white photo might make Marvel's Netflix heroes look like they're starting a band, but they're sticking to what they know best — fighting New York's bad guys. Is this supergroup worth a binge watch? Here's what the reviews have to say.

スペイン東部での車突入事件、4人目の容疑者を逮捕 - 8分前  AFP

【8月18日 AFP】スペイン東部カタルーニャ自治州州都バルセロナと、その近郊に位置するカンブリルスで相次ぎ発生した車の突入事件をめぐり、警察当局は18日、4人目の...more

SAPVoice: How To See The Future Of Your Business - 11分前  Forbes

The customer’s demands always seem to outstrip the current technology and leave the door open to innovation and disruption. That’s why we need to look not just at what the market and the tech that drives it is doing now, but what it could be doing for your business in five, ten, twenty years time.b

First-Ever Global Erositivity Map Shows Areas Most Vulnerable To Erosion - 11分前  Forbes

A new study created the first-ever Global Erositivity Map, showing the areas most vulnerable to erosion.

5 Important Healthcare Predictions for 2018 - 13分前  Forbes

As an industry, healthcare is exploding and is an increasingly interesting space for investors. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and investing in the space, there are some broader macro trends to be aware of. Here are 5 forces shaping the healthcare industry.

【火災情報】 - 16分前  佐賀新聞


Apple Watch Verkäufe sollen kräftig zulegen, Asustek steigt aus dem Markt aus - 16分前  IT-Times.de

TAIPEI (IT-Times) - Apple und der Zulieferer Quanta sollen derzeit die Massenproduktion der Apple Watch 3 vorbereiten, unterdessen dürfte der Absatz der Computeruhr...

横浜市役所の金庫から約60万円消える、窃盗容疑で捜査 - 19分前  TBS News-i


「ロストレガリア」新職業「吟遊詩人」追加やカムバックキャンペーンを実施 - 22分前  4Gamer.net


Good news for gamers: Coolpad to launch flagship smartphone on August 20 - 25分前  Business Standard

The smartphone is likely to cheer up the gamers who are looking for a sturdy device at mid-range