Business Travel Wearing You Down Physically, Or Emotionally? Eat Better. Drink Less. Exercise More - 6日前  Forbes

Companies can make their corporate travelers more aware of healthy – and unhealthy – life practices on the road and provide coaching on how to avoid those bad and maximize good practices.... like eating right and getting exercise, including types of exercise that can be done without access to a gym.

Mobil-brand gas stations open in Mexico - 6日前

Following in Shell's footsteps, U.S. supermajor Exxon Mobil said it opened its first retail gasoline service stations in Mexico, with 50 planned in 2018.

ベラ・ハディッドの歴代ベストルックを振り返り! - 6日前  VOGUE


India's stand on Jerusalem as Israel's capital 'wishy-washy': Omar Abdullah - 6日前  Business Standard

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today termed the Centre's stand on US recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital a "wishy-washy drivel". He said that such a move in the past would have drawn strong condemnation from India. "There was a time when the Trump Administration move to over turn decades of US policy WRT #Jersualem would have provoked a strong condemnation from India," he said. "Now all you get is some wishy washy drivel about India's position determined by our self interest & not what other countries do. There was a time India stood for something," he wro...more

米戦略爆撃機B1B 2日連続で朝鮮半島へ=対北圧力強化 - 6日前  YonhapNews


蜗居土坯房办公的县委书记 曾在央视大谈亲民 - 6日前  新浪微博

  原标题:河南“土坯房”县委书记现形记   11月27日,三门峡市检方以涉嫌受贿罪,对市人大常委会原秘书长王战方决定逮捕。消息传到赵项劳耳朵里,他很平静。   两年前,卢氏县卫生系统公职人员赵项劳公开举报王战方,在当地和网络上引起轩然大坡。举报后,赵项劳承受诸多压....

北朝鮮には大会賞金支払わず、田嶋幸三会長が明言 - 6日前  日刊スポーツ・サッカー


桐谷美玲、男性キャストのかわいい連発に照れ笑い - 6日前  Ameba News

 女優の桐谷美玲が7日、都内で行われた映画『リベンジgirl』(23日公開)完成披露舞台あいさつに出席。桐谷の印象を聞かれた三木康一郎監督は「最初に会ったときにすごくかわいいなと思って、撮影中もかわいかった」と目尻を下げながら伝えると、桐谷は「以上ですか? 真面目に仕事していない人みたいになっちゃう」と嘆いた。 【...more

需給調整理由の個人タクシー不認可は違法 国側が敗訴 - 6日前  朝日新聞デジタル


Why old-school PostgreSQL is so hip again - 6日前  InfoWorld

PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) is old as dirt, yet over the past five years it has panned out as pure gold. MongoDB got the billion-dollar IPO and AWS launched the mind-bendingly cool Aurora Serverless, but it’s PostgreSQL that keeps having its moment—again and again and again.Now the world’s fourth most popular database, according to DB-Engines’ multicomponent ranking, PostgreSQL has a ways to go before it surpasses Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Yet at its current pace, there’s every reason to expect it could get there.To read this article in full, please click here

在韓日本大使館が天皇誕生日記念行事開催 大きな混乱なく - 6日前  YonhapNews

ソウル聯合ニュース】在韓日本大使館主催の天皇誕生日記念行事が7日、ソウル市内のホテルで開催された。  日本の在外公館は毎年12月ごろ、それぞれの国の要人らを招待し、天皇誕生日記念行事を行っている。  この日の行事には...more

The Myth Of Subsidies And Growth - 6日前  Forbes

Subsidies can be an indication of which sectors or companies act as bloated debt whales, dragging the economy down. Avoiding these credit-dependent Moby Dicks is vitally important when investing in Asia.

DeNAが「コミックマーケット 93」に出展決定。「天華百剣-斬-」「逆転オセロニア」などのグッズを販売 - 6日前


Sri Sri's AoL damaged Yamuna, no new fine over Rs 5 cr already imposed: NGT - 6日前  Business Standard

The tribunal said that in case the expenditure on the restoration crosses Rs 5 crore, then it would be recovered from AoL

BlackBerry introduces framework to secure self-driving vehicles - 6日前  Business Standard

Within this framework, automakers and their supply chains can deploy their technology choices to differentiate

Toyota mulls vehicle price hike by up to 3% from Jan to offset input costs - 6日前  Business Standard

Yesterday, Honda Cars India announced to hike vehicle prices by up to Rs 25,000 from January to offset the impact of rising input costs

Delhi HC seeks JD(U) MP's response on Yadav faction plea for symbol - 6日前  Business Standard

Rajasekaran, in his plea, has sought the setting aside of the November 25 order of the EC