Governors In These States Want To Give Residents Cash Thanks To Unexpected Budget Surpluses - 6分前  Forbes

At least three states will automatically give money from budget surpluses back to taxpayers, with checks of up to $850.

編集部による業界活性化のためのコラムを抜粋して.. - 8分前  @WWD JAPAN


頭を殴られた妻が自ら通報、その場で逮捕の77歳の夫「電気毛布を貸してくれなかったから」 北海道石狩市 - 9分前  HBC News-i(北海道)

 27日午後、北海道石狩市の住宅で、妻の頭を殴ったとして、77歳の男が逮捕されました。2022年01月28日(金) 07時41分 更新

Intuitive eating is what anti-diet culture actually looks like - 11分前  Mashable

Every January, many of us set the goal to start the year off right by eating better, the good intention leading us to one diet or another. Then, inevitably, we fall off said diet and right back into the same old (if not far worse) habits.But a program called intuitive eating is gaining popularity by offering a radically different perspective on healthy eating: What if the problem isn't failing to stick to diets, but rather a diet industry that profits off our unhealthy relationship to food? What if, instead of seeing food as an adversary or obstacle to staying healthy, we instead sought to red...more

Tony Ward’s SS22 Couture Collection Is A Nod To The House’s Seventy Year History - 16分前  Forbes

Tony’s SS22 Couture collection, themed “Magnification” was unveiled during Haute Couture Week.

Former traders cleared of US rate rigging - 18分前  BBC

Matthew Connolly and Gavin Black have been acquitted of rate rigging by a US court.

HBCU Athlete Shedeur Sanders Is The New Face Of Gatorade - 19分前  Forbes

Today, Gatorade signed a promotional deal with Shedeur Sanders, a football player at Jackson State University, located in Jackson, Mississippi. He is the first HBCU athlete to sign with the sports drink provider, allowing them to use his name, image, and likeness.

The Best Skincare Tools To Brighten, Lift And Clear Up Your Complexion In 2022 - 8分前  Forbes

The latest wave of at-home beauty tech makes everything from microdermabrasian to microneedling more accessible and effective than ever—and saves you a trip to the dermatologist's office.

#新型コロナウイルス肺炎 オミクロン株BA.1の進化.. - 11分前  @藤田康介

#新型コロナウイルス肺炎 オミクロン株BA.1の進化版といわれるBA.2は、新たに出て来た変異株だけど、BA.1からBA.2が直接変異したのではなく、別の変異株からそれぞれ変異してきたものらしい。まだ十分なデータがなく、パンデミックがさらに長引く可能性も指摘されている。

The Prequel app is yassifying our selfies into hot cartoons - 13分前  Mashable

If you're in need of a massive ego boost, this is your sign to turn yourself into a cartoon. Twitter is currently full of people who are discovering the glorious effects of the Cartoon filter on the editing app Prequel. The free app takes any existing photo and turns it into a cartoon – simple, right? The cartoon animation effect isn't a new idea, but something about Prequel's version makes literally any photo a million times hotter. Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Is it the baby smooth skin? The you-but-better realism...more

警官から逃走し眼球破裂 沖縄署「バイクの高校生と接触」 知人ら「警棒で殴られた」 - 13分前  琉球新報


Google Just Increased Parental Leave To 24 Weeks—Here’s How That Compares To Other Tech Giants - 17分前  Forbes

The company also extended paid vacation days from 15 to 20 to “support our employees at every stage of their lives.”

【話題記事】フランスで売れ残り品の廃棄を禁止す.. - 18分前  @WWD JAPAN

話題記事フランスで売れ残り品の廃棄を禁止する法律が施行 違反者には罰金も

【裏切らない筋肉をつくるトレーニング/KENICHI.. - 18分前  @日刊ゲンダイ


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul unveils LaGuardia Airport terminal - 19分前

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul cut the ribbon for a new terminal at LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, the culmination of a six-year, $4 billion renovation at the Queens facility.