Authorities agree to keep up fight for life of brain-dead Chinese boy ‘poisoned by kindergarten teacher’ - 30分前  Intell Asia

Intellasia East Asia News A district government in central China has agreed to keep trying to save a brain-dead kindergarten boy allegedly poisoned along with more than 20 other students by a teacher in late March. Wang Junxi, five, remained in a coma and showed no signs of improvement, the Jiefang district government in Jiaozuo, Henan province, said in […]

Why Are Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Having Such A Hard Time With Their Royal Life? - 4時間前  Forbes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are finding their current public life, basically, untenable.

10 books about tech for every kind of person in your life - 8時間前  Mashable!

For your friends and family, the right book will endure even when the latest gadgets go out of style. As for you — well, the fact that books are easy to wrap doesn't hurt.  From art to history to philosophy, technology intersects with just about every topic out there, and there's probably a book about it. Check out our guide to the best gifts for people with with an attention span longer than a tweet.  On art and language Image: COMPOSITE BY HAIDEE CHU/MASHABLE1. Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language, by Gretchen McCulloch  Best for: Parents who hav...more

Dark Mode on the iPhone can save massive amounts of battery life, test shows - 9時間前  Mashable!

If you're sick of hearing about dark mode on smartphone apps, I hear you. Now that both Android and iOS have the option to turn your interface darker, not a day goes by without this or that app adding support for dark mode.  But beyond aesthetics, there's a real-world reason to turn on dark mode: increased battery life. According to a recent test, conducted by PhoneBuff, switching to dark mode can extend your iPhone's battery life by 30 percent.  In the test, identical tasks were performed on an iPhone XS Max in Twitter, YouTube, Message, and other apps, first with the phone running ...more

Meghan Markle Says a British Friend Warned Her the 'Tabloids Will Destroy' Her Life - 11時間前

When she started dating Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's British friends warned her the "tabloids will destroy your life."

Why a Moment of Compassion Can Change Everything in Business (and Life!) - 11時間前  Forbes

Thupten Jinpa has been the Dalai Lama’s translator since 1985. He is the founder and president of the Compassion Institute, the Chair of Mind and Life Institute, founder of the Institute of Tibetan Classics, and an adjunct professor at the School of Religious Studies at McGill University.

Yahoo!ライフマガジン(@yj_lifemagazine)さんが.. - 19時間前  @吉野家

Yahoo!ライフマガジン(@yj_lifemagazine)さんが、吉野家の #牛すき鍋膳 #麻辣牛鍋膳 の記事を書いてくれたよ😆🎵 明日も寒いみたいだから鍋膳で温まりたいね💓

Is there life after 'League of Legends'? Riot .. - 1日前  @Forbes Tech

Is there life after 'League of Legends'? Riot bets big on its first new game in 10 years.

LIFE St. Mary hospital uses Tabula Rasa Health.. - 1時間前  @Healthcare IT News

LIFE St. Mary hospital uses Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s pharmacy platform, which has helped lead to a 16% decrease in ER use and a 27% decrease in total hospitalization.

Upgrade: This is the exact age when the joy gets sucked out of your life - 7時間前  MarketWatch

If you’re unhappy in your 40s, you’re not alone.

Keeping My Hair Through Chemo Saved My Life - 8時間前

Just looking in the mirror during my treatment allowed me to envision life after chemo—and life after breast cancer.

小沢健二の「LIFE」を超えるアルバムって存在すんの? - 10時間前  注目ニュース poverty

sssp:// 小沢健二 、13年ぶり アルバム は「So kakkoii 宇宙」 ...

Nine Ways To Maintain Work-Life Balance During The Busy Holiday Season - 11時間前  Forbes

Planning ahead is crucial to making sure your holiday season goes smoothly.

Snoop Dogg Endorses Automated ‘Mini-Fridge’ That Grows Weed For You: It’s All About ‘Promoting A Healthier Lifestyle’ - 11時間前  Forbes

Exclusive: Snoop Dogg and Seedo partner up to promote cannabis home grow and urban agriculture. Snoop says, “Promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing my friends and communities with products that allow for growth in unused urban spaces is something I’m all the way down with.”

D.L(BUDDHA BRAND)、タワレコ『NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.』に登場 - 14時間前  Billboard JAPAN

 タワーレコードの「NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.」ポスター意見広告シリーズ最新版に、伝説のヒップホップ・グルー…

Suge Knight Signs Life Rights Over to Ray J - 15時間前  TMZ

Suge Knight could be in prison for the rest of his life, but he doesn't want to go out a broke man ... so he's entrusting Ray J to cash in on his name. Sources close to the former Death Row Records boss tell TMZ ... he's signed over his life rights…

Watch the real-life Spider-Woman smash a speed-climbing world record in under 7 seconds - 20時間前  Mashable!

Can Tom Holland do this? The IFSC (read: rock climbing) World Cup was held in Xiamen, China, over the weekend. All of the above highlights from the speed climbing competition are impressive and a little terrifying — but new women's champ Aries Susanti Rahayu is a clear standout. She raced up the 15m course in 6.995 seconds, smashing the women's world record and also becoming the first woman to climb a speed wall in under 7 seconds. The 24-year-old Indonesian is nicknamed Spider-Woman for a reason. Watch her winning race, starting at 1:26 in the video, and marvel (ahem) at how the Serena ...more

Medicines, school fees, fear of future: Life of depositors after PMC crash - 1日前  Business Standard

So far, three depositors have lost their lives, apparently due to the crisis