Kenya high court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta's second election win - 7分前

Kenya's high court on Monday upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election victory -- his second in three months -- amid protests by opposition supporters.

No Superhero Film Has Ever Topped Pixar's 'The Incredibles' - 7分前  Forbes

‘The Incredibles’ still blows Marvel and DC out of the water.

Storytelling Takes Corporate Communications To The Next Level - 7分前  Forbes

While corporate storytelling should be short and to the point, don't underestimate the power of injecting feeling into your messaging.

The Best-Kept Secret Of Business Growth - 7分前  Forbes

A company must continue to evolve to stay innovative, relevant and competitive.

Turning Point: Global Supply Chains And Carbon - 9分前  Forbes

Twenty-five years ago the Union of Concerned Scientists published what they hoped would be a game-changing wake-up call to the world. In it, 1,700 esteemed scientists called out what they saw as a broad pattern of rising environmental damage that would, if unchecked, lead to “vast human misery.”...

Children's Smartwatches Banned Over Recording Concerns: So What About Other Connected Devices? - 12分前  Forbes

Parents in Germany are being urged to destroy children's smartwatches after a ruling by the government that they are being used for 'spying' - and more connected devices may soon come under the spotlight.

[ジョン・カビラ]2年連続でホラン千秋とWOWOWグラミー賞案内役に - 14分前  マイナビエンタメ


Premier League: West Brom fires coach Tony Pulis - 16分前

West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis was fired Monday with the squad ranked No. 17 in the Premier League.

大相撲九州場所:審判長、待った後に突いた千代翔馬を注意 - 16分前  毎日新聞


特斯拉电动卡车每辆节省20%成本 会否改变物流行业 - 18分前  新浪Tech

  原标题:特斯拉电动卡车每辆节省20%成本 物流行业是否会被改变   作者:钱童心   多次延期发布后,特斯拉的电动卡车终于公开亮相。   上周五特斯拉CEO伊隆-马斯克宣布了一款全新的半挂卡车Tesla Semi的原型车。半挂卡车配备增强版自动辅助驾驶系统Autopilot,具备自动紧....

貴方も意図せず加害者に。職場の性的少数者差別が深刻化している - 7分前  まぐまぐニュース


Are You Playing The Job Search Lotto? - 7分前  Forbes

If you let job ads influence your journey, you will take longer to reach your destination.

Is Your Business Acting On These Five Insights From Google Analytics Yet? - 7分前  Forbes

These five insights can transform the way you act on customer behavior.

Schroders: Have To Dump Russia If Sanctions Scenario Worsens - 8分前  Forbes

London-based investment bank says they have to be mindful of the anti-Russia political rhetoric out of Washington. Russian securities under threat of sanctions.

Shaming overweight children more likely to make them binge eat, isolate themselves - 11分前

Overweight kids who are shamed are more likely to binge eat or isolate themselves than to make positive changes such as losing weight, pediatricians say.

Roche Cancer Drug Rises To Challenge Merck, Bristol-Myers - 13分前  Forbes

Tecentriq, a cancer immunotherapy developed by the Swiss drug giant Roche, slowed the progression of previously untreated lung cancer in a large clinical trial when combined with a chemotherapy regimen, the drug giant said.

Illinois Government's GenderHypocrisyGap - 14分前  Forbes

Illinois government is the worst offender in the 'war on women.' Where are the women in the top-paid positions across IL government? In Chicago, among the top-paid 100 city employees just one in nine are women. Across the state, it's not much better. It's still a man's world in Illinois government.

Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Fails To Top Chart In Debut Week - 16分前  GameSpot

Star Wars Battlefront II launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC amid much controversy last week, and now it has failed to top the UK chart for its first week on sale. The sci-fi shooter was "narrowly" beaten by Call of Duty: WWII in that game's third week of availability, according to sales monitor Chart Track.What's more, reports that Battlefront II's UK physical sales were down 61% compared to the 2015 series reboot, Star Wars Battlefront. Some of that shortfall would have been recovered in increasing digital sales, but it's unlikely enough units would have been sold over PSN, X...more

深圳最牛钉子户获赔1.3亿元?女业主出面回应 - 17分前  新浪微博

  原标题:深圳最牛钉子户获赔1.3亿元?女业主出面回应   前段时间刚报道过,经过7年的拉锯式谈判,终于在本月北站最后一栋烂尾楼终于开扒。   其中,最具话题性的问题“到底赔了多少钱”,在广大吃瓜群众间,流传出了各种版本,有说600万的,有说5000万的,而最夸张版本的....

Announcing & Other Stories, Carolina Herrera, Aquazzura and Solid & Striped - 19分前  BOF

Check out this week’s new partners and openings on BoF Careers, the global marketplace for fashion talent.