Purposeful Businesses Leveling The Playing Field - 11分前  Forbes

Financial institutions and fintechs—through their core businesses—are in a unique position to drive financial inclusion, enabling marginalized communities to participate in the digital economy.

ウクライナでの戦争犯罪追及へ ICCなど参加の国際会議始まる - 13分前  NHKニュース


Top 10 things to watch in the stock market Monday: Banks, Nvidia, Starbucks - 15分前  CNBC

Wall Street looks steady to start the week and ahead of the Fed's post-meeting interest rate decision Wednesday afternoon.

British scientists appeal for return of head of rare shark washed up on beach - 17分前  UPI.com

British scientists and conservationists have issued an urgent appeal for trophy hunters to hand in the head and teeth of a rare shark that washed up on a beach on the country's South coast so that they can study it.

China’s Online Gaming Regulator Grants Approval to 27 New Video Games, Including Tencent, NetEase Titles - 17分前  Gadgets 360

Among the imported online games approved by the National Press and Publication Administration is at least one by Tencent, a game called Merge Mansion, according to a list the regulator released on Monday. NetEase secured approval for at least one mobile game named Audition: Everybody Party, while Bilibili received a licence for a game called Shanyao! Youjunshaonu.

World’s top climate scientists issue ‘survival guide for humanity,’ call for major course correction - 19分前  CNBC

The latest report from the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change provides world leaders with a gold-standard summation of modern climate science.

The Top Five Cybersecurity Concerns - 19分前  Forbes

Here are the top five cybersecurity platform concerns and what you can do to address them today.

Proposed Rules For Credit Cards Will Worsen Inequality By Making It More Difficult For Low Income Households To Obtain Them - 19分前  Forbes

The federal government has pushed mightily to help increase access to credit and banking services to low-income Americans in the 21s century. It’s a mystery as to why Congress is now considering steps that would undo those advances by capping interchange fees on credit cards.

TOMOO「すべてが新世界だった」 Early Noise Nightで語った“レモン”の思い出 - 19分前  マイナビエンタメ

シンガーソングライターのTOMOOが17日、東京・渋谷のSpotify O-EASTで開催されたライブイベント「Spotify Early Noise Night #15」に出演し、5組目のアーティストとしてトリを飾った。

Plant-based, low-carb diet may boost longevity for people with Type 2 diabetes - 21分前  UPI.com

Cutting some carbohydrates may help people with Type 2 diabetes live longer -- as long as they are swapping sugar for vegetables instead of steak, new research suggests.

Experts Lament US Failure To Resolve $275B Trade Agreement With UK - 12分前  Forbes

USTR won't negotiate because it requires Congressional approval of the terms.

Elon Musk Says Current Crisis Has “Similarities” To 1929 Crash - Should Investors Be Worried? - 14分前  Forbes

The ‘Roaring Twenties’ experienced soaring economic growth and social advancement, ending in a 90% fall in markets and an unemployment rate of 25%

Zack Snyder Says A ‘Ridiculous Scale’ Rebel Moon RPG Video Game Is Coming After The Netflix Film - 16分前  Forbes

Snyder revealed that Rebel Moon is not just a huge movie, but an animated series and a full-on video game are planned as well. And while Netflix does indeed have a gaming arm, those are usually smaller, mobile-focused games, and that’s not what Snyder says he’s talking about here:

Gina Rodriguez gives birth to first child with Joe LoCicero - 17分前  UPI.com

"Jane the Virgin" actress Gina Rodriguez welcomed her first child, a son, with her husband, Joe LoCicero.

RMT members at Network Rail vote to accept pay deal - 18分前  BBC

Rail workers have voted on a revised pay offer, ending walkouts for some RMT strikers.

Animoca’s Yat Siu Says Crypto Is Becoming A ‘Safety Net’ Amid Banking Crisis - 19分前  Forbes

The chairman of Asia’s largest blockchain investor thinks volatile cryptocurrencies are a relatively safe investment as the traditional financial world is rocked by the Credit Suisse turmoil and the failure of a string of U.S. banks.

Snap Happy: Best Practices For Optimizing Your Product Photography For Search Engines - 19分前  Forbes

Using the correct keywords and taking quality photos is essential when it comes to optimizing your product photography for search engines.

吉本新喜劇、川畑座長が勇退「これからも精一杯頑張ります」 - 19分前  Lmaga.jp

吉本新喜劇の座長をつとめる川畑泰史(かわばた・やすし)が3月20日の公演をもって、座長を勇退することが所属する吉本興業から発表された。 1991年、NSC大阪校(同期はナインティナイン宮川大輔...more

The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe - 23分前  CNBC

Credit Suisse’s additional tier one bonds are set to be wiped out following the struggling bank’s takeover by UBS.